Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Romance Of Modern Horology

As they are
I've had senses
A long time.
Got used to them.

Some lights dim.
Others, at others'
Expenses, flare.
I know time, my

Name; planet, under its
Flame, explores
Eons by season, as do
I, within reason.


  1. Ah! I love this voice, this poem! We are getting into our elderhood, and it's so good to hear one express aspects of that! Horology indeed! More later. Thanks, Geo.

  2. More later indeed --a month in fact. Even at our ages we still become what we did not know then, what lay over the horizon. What bothers me about elderhood are the fixes I fall into physically, emotionally --but, as my elder, you manage always to convey assurance that I can actively cooperate in my own rescue. Who could ask for more, or expect less?