Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Among Sunflowers

Among sunflowers I am
Small as a cat, an
Animal that deforms
In stalks and stems;
Its brain, instincts,
Things portable
In wilderness.
I become no more,
No less, an animal
Equipped only to see
What confronts me,
Yet I believe the
Soul is not invisible.
It rolls and weaves,
Reveals itself in
All action, of which
This moment, garden
And I compose
The merest fraction.


  1. First, I am happy to see this post! Additionally remembering both our long friendship and your delightful garden, I must think that -that- has a big hand in this piece Thanks!

  2. Thanks Willie! And contrary to Fugs singing Blake, let's not "weary of time" but enjoy it as it dances around us!

  3. I Love them all, Geo...but I reeeeeallly LOVE this one!

  4. I Love this post. I am trying to catch up on my Geo (Geocache?)reading and boy I have been missing out for quite a while now. Need to go back and see all of the pics now:)