Saturday, August 15, 2009


Have you walked past a window
On your way to the bathroom
And seen someone out there
With a garden hose or doing
Whatever and stopped, looked
Longer at the recognizable under
Floppy hat, sunglasses and said,
"I love you", even though you
Know no one but you can hear it
And you've still got to pee, you
Just watch a moment longer
And say it again?


  1. Aww. I like this! I know the gardener for so many years has been you, and so I look forward to more reflections on that lifetime of experiences--maybe even some memoirs, sketches and art and such!

  2. Geo..back at you with "keep it up" with your blog. I look forward to going back and reading yer poems slowly. By the way, when I lived in sonoma co years ago I knew someone who was always talking about a "geo"...Do you live in west co. by any chance.
    Thanks for the positive reinforcement for my blog...Annie B.

  3. Hi Annie~

    I just moved to the little town of Sonoma four years ago, but I've know Geo., my former student, or decades. My question is: You mention you live in west county, so that suggests Occidental, Sebastopol, etc. In any event you and I both enjoy Geo.'s poems, which I hope he will pitch more vigorously! I'm sure--aren't you?--that a much wider audience awaits him. And you, and your writing?