Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tint Duel

In order
Is disorder understood.
Those funny yellow weeds
Among heather are
Also heather.
There is no heath
The size of itself
Or single way
It goes.
It is
What it is, and how
The cosmos grows.


  1. My immediate response is joy in recognizing what I see as the balancing alchemy of opposites or what we see as opposites but what in reality is not except from one's point of view. For example it's like the paradox of relativity in quantum physics that treats time and space. In relativity, time and space are relative to the observer. Einstein's equations allow one to accurately transform position data from one reference frame to another, but quantum mechanics treats time and space as a rigid, fixed, four dimensional coordinate system, yet it shows that it is impossible to place any object in this coordinate system with absolute precision. Position and speed cannot be tracked simultaneously. Thus, too, the paradox of the ecosystem's weed and the gardener's heather each being relative to the observer; take out the observer and do you still have the duel?

  2. Thanks Will!

    In answer to your question, my guess is that the universe tends to create observers and set them seeking larger and larger regions of organization. Matter, energy and thought become three ways of organizing events in a unified cosmos. As to title, "Tint Duel", it is an anagram of the word, "untitled", and so becomes a case in point.


  3. Thanks, Geo. I'm still not sure why I come through as Anonymous. The option thingie always tells me: Choose an identity
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