Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Enormous Future

It's all here, isn't it?
This collection and
Dream upon the past--
What happens is
What happened last
Always shut in seamless
Suture-- gives anew
Onto wonders vast,
An enormous future.


  1. What is past, present and what will be all seem wrapped in that glorious cloud and sky.

    1. Thank you, Mimsie, a lovely comment.

  2. A lovely explanation of the cosmic burrito theory. It is also why the expression is "that everything old is new again".

  3. You and Norma make a good team!.
    Bravo on the photo and poem!

  4. Wow - had to look up 'suture', than, confessing my ignorance, I had to look up 'Geosutur' - thought in a womanly way: "Oh, how nice - he built a contactzone between his name and a geological phenomen" - then remembered that geotectonic continent-slabs (?) played an important part in a fascinating novel that a (in Germany) very famous friend of us, Jo Lendle, wrote about Alfred Wegener, Arctic explorer. End of stream of consciousness.